What is Cone Beam Dental Imaging?

At Commerce Dental Group, we use the latest in dental technology.  This includes the installation and use of Cone Beam Dental Imaging or 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).  CBCT is an imaging technology that allows our dentists to evaluate the underlying bone structure, as well as the nerve pathways and surrounding soft tissues. During a CBCT scan, the imaging machine rotates entirely around your head. In about a minute, the test is complete!  The CBCT dental imaging captures approximately 200 images from various angles resulting in one single 3D image.

CBCT scans are quick and in most cases, a full mouth scan takes less than one minute to complete. Patients love the new technology that is painless and convenient.

When having a CBCT scan taken, you stand comfortably as the x-ray arm rotates slowly around your head. To ensure your head remains still during the scan, your dentist may have you rest your chin on a chin rest or place a positioner in your mouth.

Ask about our new Cone Beam Dental Imaging, exclusively at Commerce Dental Group in Commerce, Georgia.